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Staying Sane During the Holidays

Posted by amy on December 22nd, 2013

xmas lightsSoftly falling snow, family and friends gathered round the fire, Bing Crosby crooning in the background—while this may be idyllic holiday season, for most of us it is far from reality.  Instead of joyful carolers roaming the streets we have malls packed with people frantically shopping for last minute gifts, nice family dinners are interrupted by cranky children and non-traditional work schedules, and a relaxing weekend to soak in the wonder of the season is abandoned in exchange for a seemingly endless calendar of parties and events.   The time period between Halloween and New Year’s is inarguably the busiest time of the year.  But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sanity.  Here are a few tips to help you stay sane and enjoy the holidays.… Read the rest

Coping with a Child’s Disability

Posted by amy on November 27th, 2013

The fear of every parent is that something will be wrong with their child.  Being told that their son or daughter has a disability can trigger the same emotions as the death of a loved one.  In fact, most parents, upon learning of the disability, go through the full stages of grief: disbelief/denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

It is only when they reach acceptance of the disability and have fully worked through their own feelings of anger, guilt, and shame, that parents can turn their focus to helping their child.  Parents need to reach a place where they can work to understand their own child’s disability and how that will affect the child’s development, learning, and future life.… Read the rest

Attending Races: Stress or De-stress?

Posted by amy on September 24th, 2013

Race—the word itself conjures up images of competition, tension, adrenaline; not exactly how most people would describe a stress free environment.  With so many different types of races and so many different types of people it’s impossible to categorize races as either stressful or stress free or how individual people respond to races.  Every experience and every person is unique; however there are a few conjectures that can be made on the subject.

The first, and probably one of the biggest, factors into whether or not an individual would find a race stressful is their stake in the race.  Individuals that have money, a reputation, or something to gain or lose from the result are more likely to find the race stressful than some who is there simply for the enjoyment of the race.  A personal connection, such as having a personal relationship with a race driver  is also likely to increase an individual’s stress during an event.… Read the rest

Tips for Making Tax Filing Less Stressful

Posted by amy on August 11th, 2013

One of the most universally dreaded activities for earning adults anywhere is filing income tax returns. Firstly, tax season is stressful for many people simply because of concerns about being able to pay taxes or pay them on time. However, there are some who regard this civic duty as even more burdensome than actually paying taxes.

The process of tax filing can be a real nightmare not just because people generally don’t like math but because the tax code is just way too complicated. Many taxpayers don’t understand things like tax credits or tax liabilities.… Read the rest

Historic Pontiac and Auto Repair

Posted by amy on July 11th, 2013

Pontiac showroom, York St, Sydney, January 1940, by Sam HoodThe origin of the Pontiac automobile dates back to 1926. It was introduced that year as a “companion marque” — meaning a model or brand of a manufactured product — to GM’s Oakland Motor Car line; however the Pontiac name was first used years earlier, in 1906, by the Pontiac Spring & Wagon Works, and was then associated with Chief Pontiac , who was the leader of an uprising against the British shortly after the French and Indian War.

In 1908, the Oakland Motor Company and Pontiac Spring & Wagon Works Company merged together, forming the Oakland Motor Car Company, manufacturing the Carter car in Pontiac, Michigan.… Read the rest

Clutter and Web Bookmarks

Posted by amy on June 9th, 2013

softwareRunning a search on organization or clutter in a search engine returns millions and millions of webpages. There are countless books, blogs, and even magazines out there dedicated to helping people get a handle on the clutter in their lives, to make their homes, offices, and computers easier to navigate. Clutter is the enemy, whether in a closet, a file cabinet, or an email in box.

While there are tons of television shows designed to helping hoarders and clutterbugs clear their homes, garages, and even offices, it’s not as glamorous to watch someone clean out an inbox or worse, clear out their web bookmarks.… Read the rest

Treatment for Severe Sleep Apnea

Posted by amy on June 5th, 2013

sleepIt’s called a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine, which was first developed in 1981 by Professor Sullivan of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, Australia. The CPAP is use for the more severe cases of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a common disorder in which there are one or more pauses in breathing or shallow breaths while sleeping.

How the CPAPsleep2 machine works is by delivering a stream of compressed air through a hose to the nostril or a full-face mask. The air-pressure keeps the upper airway open, thus preventing obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).… Read the rest

Relieve Stress with Exercise

Posted by amy on May 16th, 2013

Stress is something that everyone faces, usually on a daily basis.  It can affect concentration, alertness and cognitive function.  It can also interfere with sleep and lead to increased fatigue, which further impair logic, creativity, and overall brain function.  Prolonged stress combined with biological factors can lead to heart attacks and other serious illness, so finding a way to manage stress is vital to overall health.

fitnessDaily exercise can help with relieving stress, reducing anxiety and even dispelling depression.  Exercise helps stress in two distinct ways.  Most people at one time or another have used strenuous exercise as a way to work out their problems.  This usually involves working out frustration, anger, or other aggressive emotions by exercising until exhausted or through participating in impact sports.  However, there are actual physiological and chemical reactions caused by exercise that help reduce stress, even if the exercise is just a short walk.… Read the rest

Positive Affirmations Determine Your Success

Posted by amy on May 8th, 2013

self helpMany professionals such as those at any of the Southwestern Company affiliate companies can tell you that there really is something to be said for affirmations. They may not practice them, but it can be something that they do once in a while, when they remember it, and it always makes a difference. The thing about affirmations is that they shape the way you are prepared to look at the world. If you start out the day telling the world that you love it — and believe that statement, then it is going to take something pretty big to pull you down from that kind of high.… Read the rest

Record Sharing Software for Medical Facilities

Posted by amy on January 1st, 2013

For years, medical facilities had to rely on the paper and pencil to share and promote records amongst various medical professionals, or in patient care directly dealing with patients and clients. While that system was fine, it was also prone to a variety of mistakes, missteps, and inefficiencies in the process.

medical filesLuckily, though, record sharing software is the wave of the future, and has advanced medical care to the point where different facilities can digitally share records and patient information with the click of a mouse and the sharing of a document or record.… Read the rest

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